A social problem and how it connects with the Grand Challenges, wicked problems or NASW Code of Ethics

This is step 1 of 7. I need someone who is willing to help with the entire project over the next 7 weeks. I want the problem to be something about the opioid overdose pandemic. I would like to look at programs that administer Narcan to prevent overdose.

For this assignment, identify a social problem ( I would like to address the opioid overdose epidemic) that is important to you. Summarize a description of this social problem into a “Problem Statement” (one-page minimum and two pages maximum). Refer to the examples included on pg. 83–84 in Netting et al. (2008). ( see attached)
Carefully consider whether the social problem you want to address fits the definition of a social problem. For example, the general topic “mental health” is not a social problem because it is broad and can also be positive or negative. Social problems typically are negatively worded or convey something troublesome, such as “child abuse,” “domestic violence,” “suicide in college students,” and “social isolation among older adults.” You are strongly encouraged to use the same social problem throughout this course as you continue to build on the chosen social problem.
In a Word document, develop a narrative description of the problem that is no shorter than one page and no longer than two pages. Your description should synthesize the following information:
Provide a high-level overview of the issue. Address the following questions. What is the social problem? How do you define the problem? Why is it a problem? What are the demographics/numbers? Provide data that supports a description of the scope or impact of the problem.
Discuss how this problem connects with the Grand Challenges, wicked problems or NASW Code of Ethics.
Who are the stakeholders (those who have a “stake” in the social problem)?
Name and describe a program that is responding to the unmet need of that problem.
Locate an advocacy group that aims to address that problem.
Locate a federal act and/or agency that aims to address that problem.
Note: You will expand on this information by adding the target population and refining your problem statement to develop the draft for the Module 3 Situational Analysis Draft and Peer Review.

Assignment Requirements
Your paper needs to be in a narrative format (refer to the examples in Netting et al. (2008)).
Use Times New Roman, 12 point font.
Remember to provide references and the website URLs included in your description.
Main text of your paper should be a maximum of two pages (not including your title page and references page).
Use current APA formatting for your references page and all other relevant items.

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