Explain the methods used that are used in Lighting and Editing in graphics

Photo Essay: Lighting & Editing
Take a series of photos with your phone or digital camera and write a paragraph explaining how you fulfilled the task and why you chose the subject:
one photo demonstrating high key lighting
one photo demonstrating low key lighting
two photos to indicate the graphic match editing you would use if you were creating a cut between shots
at least one sequence comprised of 3 photos illustrating how the Kuleshov experiment works, showing a “new” emotion not captured in the original experiment or the Hitchcock explanation (i.e. *not* lust, hunger, or sorrow).
For each of these 4 tasks you will write a fully developed paragraph explaining how you took the shot to create the assigned effect and why you chose the subject you did for each: what effect was created? What do you want us to think about each image? Again: Your paragraphs should explain how you selected the subject for each shot in #1 and #2 , the two shots for #3 and the three shots for #4. You should also explain what you did as the “cinematographer” to create the assigned effects and why. I do not expect a sophisticated use of lighting since most of you will be using your phones, but a basic distinction between the two lighting styles and the subject matter each is associated with should be apparent.
The subjects for all these shots are up to you although, again, you will want to be able to explain why the lighting matches the subject in 1 & 2. For #3 you will want to imagine the scenes that the graphic match edits together so you can explain the relation between the graphic match. For number 4, you will want to choose photos that show how the Kuleshov experiment works to express a new emotion other than the ones you’ve read about and watched and are featured in the example (hunger, lust, sorrow).
This assignment is a total of 7 photos and 4 paragraphs.
Recap: Your writing for this assignment should explain the methods you used to achieve the effects and what meaning the images convey and why. I should be able to tell that you took these pictures yourself and didn’t cut and paste them from an internet source.
#1 one photo demonstrating high key lighting + paragraph
#2 one photo demonstrating low key lighting + paragraph
#3 two photos that demonstrate a graphic match + paragraph
#4 three photos that demonstrate the Kuleshov experiment + paragraph

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