Develop an Argument for Virgil’s Aeneid.

3. Rhetoric: All of these works give a prominent role to persuasive speech, either through their direct inclusion of speeches in which people try to convince others of their position, or sometimes by actively discussing what the appropriate mode of persuasion should be. Significant questions to consider are: What is the author’s attitude to persuasion through rhetoric? What sort of effect does rhetoric have on its audience – and does that depend on who the audience is? What moral problems arise from the successful use of rhetoric? What about the times when people are unsuccessful in persuasion – what are the moral implications of that?

Whichever topic you choose, you must ensure that you quote the text regularly, referencing the appropriate pages of the edition we are using, or (in the case of the New Testament) chapter and verse number. Note that when quoting a primary text, you should aim to reproduce no more than a sentence or so verbatim: avoid copying longer passages if at all possible. If you need to reference a longer part of the text, then you should paraphrase rather than quoting.

this paper is double-spaced 12 font, times new roman.

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