Elements of a business model

Assessment requirements: 2000 WORDS
DEADLINE: 10/05/2023 (10 of May 2023)
You are required to choose any existing Irish e-commerce food business.
Outline and critique the e-commerce business model of your chosen company, paying particular attention to the 8 elements of a business model, as well as to its key competitors.
8 Elements to an E-Commerce Business Model:
1. Value proposition
2. Revenue model
3. Market opportunity
4. Competitive environment
5. Competitive advantage
6. Market Strategy
7. Organisational Development
8. Management Team
Furthermore, you are required to make one substantial, actionable recommendation on an improvement you propose to that e-commerce strategy (detail business model and expected business improvement that this recommendation would bring about.) A company’s understanding of e- commerce is crucial to their operation in the modern marketplace.
Ensure to think outside of the box.
This paper will form the basis of the improvements for your chosen firm.
Please note: Theory should be applied to demonstrate understanding. Simply explaining theory is not sufficient.
This paper should be realistic, well researched and actionable. There should be evidence of primary research (contact the company, interview them!) It is expected that the report will be of a professional standard and concur with current college quality regulations.
Introduction / Conclusion 12
Eight key elements 48
Critical evaluation of business model in tandem with brief 12
Actionability, effectiveness and impact with recommendation 20
Assignment structure (Table of contents, Appendix, References, Bibliography etc.,)

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