What neurotransmitters are involved in the contraction of skeletal muscles?

Use the attachment (Chapter 10 and the image) as the main source and cite it as one of the required cited sources
The assignment is:
Answer the following questions in the form of an essay and follow the rubric

Mary is 18 months old. She is unable to stand or walk. Her parents are concerned and take her to see her pediatrician.

1. What neurotransmitters are involved in the contraction of skeletal muscles
2. What mineral ions are important for the contraction of skeletal muscles?


Make sure to answer the questions or prompts substantially and remember when asked to describe or compare and contrast you need to answer the substantively.
Discuss similarities and differences, also questions or prompts asking you to explain, describe, etc. have to be answered substantially
Dissect the question or prompt into parts and figure out exactly what the question wants you to learn from it.
The prompts (except definitions) need to be 1-2 paragraphs long.
If a prompt says “Compare and Contrast” this does not mean you copy the definitions of each it means you look at the definitions of each and then pull out a list of how the list of items is the same, and another list of how they are different then you write in paragraph format what you learned.
When a prompt says “Describe, Explain, etc.” it means you will be writing a paragraph or two
Use reliable scholarly sources

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