Write an essay analyzing influences impacting personal behavior.

Words: 276
Pages: 2
Subject: Sociology
Craft an argument about what factors – specifically, which MINDSPACE elements – have the greatest influence on the choices people make. Why do people behave the way they do? What motivates their decisions?
You are making an argument about how people’s behavior is influenced. You are using the MINDSPACE framework to help prove your argument. You choose the three elements of the MINDSPACE framework that you feel have the most impact. Each one of your three body paragraphs is focused on one of these three elements. In the paragraph, you argue how the concept (the MINDSPACE element) contributes to the choices people make. You use details from two readings to support the concept. You do this for all three body paragraphs. You are not writing “about” the articles; you are using the articles to prove your overall argument about the factors that have the most impact on behavior/choices.
¡include quotes form both readings.!
organizing your paper:
INTRODUCTION: opening statement,contextual information, THESIS
BODY 3parag:(esch body paragraphs focused on one midsoace element) topic sentence-focused on 1 mindspace element, explanition, analysis/textual support-reading 1, transition, analysis/textual support-reading 2, topic shnthesis
CONCLUSION: thesis revisited, argument summary, concluding statement

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