Write a research on how to get rid of bad habits

Words: 226
Pages: 1
Subject: Uncategorized

Speech Type: Persuasive
Sources: (4) sources should be referenced verbally within your speech
You must have a minimum of four (4) sources outside of your own knowledge on your subject.
Combined sources must cover more than one side of the argument

In general you must:
Arouse and maintain the interest and attention of the audience.
Provide the audience with a compelling and supported argument for your position on the subject.
Address the opposing viewpoint and show its fallacies.

When your speech is over, your audience should feel that:
you have expressed your position clearly
their concerns about the topic have been recognized and addressed
your position is reasonable and supported by others

Use verbal support.
Provide support for your argument.
Cite sources, when appropriate, in the text of your speech. Note: A minimum of four citations must be made.
Use a variety of different forms of verbal support in your speech: statistics, reports, anecdotes, etc.

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