Develop a Crisis Management Plan (CMP) for an organization of your choice.

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Develop a Crisis Management Plan (CMP) for an organization of your choice. You may need to assume some items as you may not have access to the true information of the organization. The plan will have a minimum of the following sections: management, communication, emergency response, property protection, external community, and restoration & recovery. Use the assignments submitted in weeks 2, 4, and 6. The goal of your plan is to incorporate AI into this CMP. Consider the lessons and readings for this course. This is a new and growing term, so please support your work with outside sources. Remember to emphasize the use of AI (automation, updates, mobile alerts, etc …).

The organization is the World Health Organization.

Length: 15-20 pages not including your Title page, abstract, or reference section. Use APA 7th edition for this assignment.

Turnitin is required. For full credit, make sure that your Turnitin Similarity Index does not exceed 20%.

Sources: Minimum of 10 peer-reviewed sources from APUS library

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