Music analysis and Film functions

For the assignment, you will write a 2-3 page analysis of one musical cue and analyze the music for one scene of a film. Talk about what you hear and see.

Analyze the scene 1:28:48- 1:32:24 and talk about what kind of music and instruments
you hear. Please use only 2 film functions.

Identify as many aspects of the music as you can – this might mean style, the kind or size of group performing the music, whether there are words, whether it sounds like something you’ve heard before, or any number of other observations.

Your analysis must:

Make a claim about the music of the scene – which functions of film music does the
scene fulfill?
Describe the music in detail – which instruments do you hear? Is a leitmotif used? Is the
music diegetic or nondiegetic?
Explain why this is important/how the music is effective

PLEASE USE THE LINKS I PROVIDED BELOW they have each source music in depth and
the music terminology you will need to provide in this paper.


Analyze the scene 1:28:48- 1:32:24
talk about what kind of music and instruments you hear.

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