Bacteria Fungi and Fermentation

This discussion has four parts. In your own words and in no fewer than 100 words each, answer each of the following questions. Remember to provide in text citations, and to properly render reference(s) for each answer. See the bottom of this page for additional information on references. Just posting a link as a reference will earn you a 0 for acceptable ways to render references.
. What is fermentation? Give five examples of products that we eat or drink in which fermentation is involved.

b. Give four examples of fermentation (two for bacteria and two for fungi), including in what organisms they occur, what are the sources of food for the fermenting organisms, and what are the chemical products of each of those types of fermentation?

c. Describe the morphological diversity bacteria and the morphological diversity of fungi. Give five examples of each (5 for bacteria and 5 for fungi, 10 total).

d. Besides fermentation, describe the five other environmental roles of fungi and five other environmental roles of bacteria. Give one example of each (10 total).

Information on in-text citation and proper bibliographic formatting follows.

1. On this page you will see our citation examples for APA, MLA, and Chicago:

2. On the same page is a link to formatting papers in APA, MLA, and Chicago:

3. The UMGC library has a quick video all about in-text and reference citations using APA:

a. That video is within the UMGC APA examples page:

b. That page includes lots of examples for reference citations and also this specific link for doing in-text citations:

c. The UMGC Library has a video about setting up the Literature Cited as a whole, if you need that:

It is vital to master information literacy. Make sure that your references are reliable, , and make sure to provide sources to scholarly articles, .

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