Compare and contrast care ethics and act utilitarianism.

• Compare and contrast care ethics and act utilitarianism.
• Be sure to include the role of intentions and results and which ones count as moral for both care ethicists and for utilitarianism.
• In discussing care ethics be sure to include the role that reason plays (if any).
• For Mill/Singer, be sure to include such notions as happiness and the different types of happiness, what role does society play, and what role do particular circumstances play in ethical decisions?
• What are some possible objections to act utilitarianism and are there attempts to answer them?
• Are the attempts successful?
• Compare and contrast the theories.
• What do you think are the strengths and weaknesses of each theory?
How might one go about using the theories to apply to a particular ethical decision?
• Include how Miguel de la Torre?s ethics from the margins and the notion of messing with the system may fit or run counter to these theories.
• What role, if any, would God play in these theories?

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