Write an Essay on Adolescence

Essay topic: In what ways was your experience of adolescence different from your parents’ experience of adolescence? How do you think adolescence may be different 20 years from now? Your essay should be written in paragraph form and follow APA format.
Further explanation of assignment: Write at least one page of content. Include terms, facts, etc. from provided sources. Fully address at least 3 points for both of the questions (for a total of 6: at least three differences from parents and at least three differences for adolescents 20 years from now).
1. Citations and Reference: All activities and the Project must include a reference section and internal citations. Internal citations and the reference section must follow APA format.
2. Title Page: Each assignment must start with an APA title.
3. Line Spacing: Double Spaced
4. Font: Times New Roman 12 point font
5. Page Length: 1 full page (no less than 1 full page, you need to fully address the questions)
6. Please try to use the “Human Developmental Life Span” book by Laura Overstreet as one of the main sources!

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