Psychological Underpinnings of Anti-Muslim Prejudice

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Research Question: What are the psychological reasonings behind the negative attitudes which are held
towards Muslim identifying people and the religion of Islam?

The paper is to be written based on the research question.

The paper should explore some aspect of Islamophobia in Canada. If you wish to explore issues outside of Canada, this can be done as
long as your paper offers some linkage to Canada. The paper should be analytic in nature – not merely descriptive. This means it should
make a specific argument or answer a specific question. The evidence
used to support your argument will come from scholarly books and articles. Follow your personal area of
interest. I am open to unique angles for the paper.
You will need to integrate at least 5 scholarly (secondary) sources into your paper. You may also use primary
sources if you like.
As usual, all material used from other sources (whether paraphrased or used as direct quotations) needs to be
cited with proper footnotes or endnotes (or by referencing authors, year and page numbers with brackets within
the text). MLA or APA or Chicago are all acceptable referencing formats.
Components of research paper:
1. Statement of the research question or argument to be made. You should explain why the subject to be discussed is interesting and why it is important.
2. A discussion of the issue by reviewing your findings based on scholarly literature. You should integrate at least 5 scholarly books or
articles into your paper. You can use primary sources in addition to this if you like.
3. Conclusion: summarizing the argument and significance of your paper

I attached 4 sources if you could please find 1 more scholarly source it would be appreciated.

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