Education Theory- Inclusion in the HS Business classroom.

Assessing Students’ Learning Analysis ReportDirections:The purpose of this report is for you to demonstrate your understanding of inclusiveteaching/learning and assessment of your students’ learning. In this report you will documentyour assessment process and analysis in evaluating your students, assessing their performance,and determining how to engage in future instruction given the assessment results.NOTE: YOU ARE NOT SUBMITTING ANY ACTUAL COPIES OF STUDENTWORK/TEST SAMPLES FOR THIS REPORT.The report is to be typed, 12 pt. Times New Roman font, double-spaced.The report will consist of the following:1. A BLANK copy of an assessment that you will administer to your class. The assessment should beone that is individually graded/scored for each student. If you are an elementary grade teacher, theassessment should be for literacy/language arts. Secondary education teachers should select an assessmentfor their content area.2.An analysis of the assessment results after you administered the exam to your students. This sectionneeds to specify what learning objectives were covered/assessed in the test. Your response needs to bespecific and clear. Identify what, as a class, the students performed well on. Identify what, as a class, the3
students struggled with. What patterns of learning do you notice? Make sure to discuss these in relation tothe learning objectives (e.g., what the assessment was measuring). (3-4 pages in length)3. Select 3 focus students (ANONYMIZE THE STUDENTS FOR THE REPORT) who took theassessment. Given how these students performed, provide the feedback you gave them. Your feedbackmust connect directly with and support those areas where the students struggled on the assessment. Thisneeds to be clear and direct. You will provide the actual written feedback (if you provided writtenfeedback to your students) or, if you provided oral feedback, a script of what you told your students. Youneed to provide the specific feedback for each of the 3 students. (2-3 pages in length)4. Explain how the feedback you provided your students supports their learning needs and learningstrengths in relation to the objectives for the assessment. Discuss this in relation to each of the 3 focusstudents. (3-4 pages in length)5. Discuss how you will support your students to understand the feedback you provided to support theirlearning. (2-3 pages in length)6. Discuss the follow up instruction for your whole class and specifically for the 3 focus students youselected. You must address how your work supports an inclusive classroom setting and supports thelearning needs of diverse students. You will discuss how your follow up instruction attends to the learningneeds of each of the following student groups (you must indicate how you would support each of thesegroups even if they are not in your actual classroom). (2-3 pages in length).· Students with IEPs or 504 plans (e.g., students with disabilities)· English Language Learners· Struggling/below grade level students· On level/grade level students· Advanced level/above grade level students· Gifted and talented students7. Select a learning theory/education theory. Discuss how your follow up instruction is informed by thelearning/education theory. Discuss how this can support an inclusive classroom setting. (2-3 pages inlength). (You can use the same theory as the one you selected for the “Education Theory and InclusiveEducation Video Presentation Discussion Board”).

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