education/learning theory and how it relates to inclusive education

Directions:You will complete one presentation about an education/learning theory and how it relates toinclusive education. Use the resources on Blackboard as a starting point in identifying atheoretical framework that is applicable to your area of instruction. You will conduct alibrary/internet search and identify 3-4 articles, chapters, websites, or other sources about thetheory. You will create a video presentation that will run between 7-10 minutes in length. In thepresentation, you will discuss the following:· The central ideas or concepts in the theory· How the theory helps to communicate the ways individual learns· How the theory informs your understanding of how your students learn· How the theory can promote an inclusive classroom· How the theory informs your understanding of instructional planningYour presentation must include audio/video. Your presentation will be uploaded to your owncloud/drive (e.g., Dropbox, Google Drive). You will create a url link and submit the url link viaBlackboard. Make sure that the link works prior to submitting it on Blackboard.Once you’ve submitted your url link, you will watch the presentations of 2 other students in thecourse. Respond to the presentation for each of the other students and share how the presentation5
has supported your understanding of the theories that they discussed. Each response post shouldbe between 150-250 words

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