sir john a macdonald

John A. Macdonald was Canada’s first prime minister and one of the longest serving prime ministers in Canadian history. He was in office from 1867 to 1873, when the pacific scandal brought down his government. But he swept back into power on the platform of a “national policy” in 1878, and remained prime minister until his death in 1891. According to some historians, he was “the man who made us” — a national hero, who cobbled together a regionally-diverse nation and then maintained national unity through careful public policy making. For others, Macdonald is a genocidal criminal whose name should be erased from our collective memory. Where do YOU stand on this issue? What were John A. Macdonald’s successes and failures? Was John A. Macdonald a good or a bad prime minister? What is his political legacy?
When addressing these questions, you can use as many sources as you want. That being said, you have to use all of the sources listed below,

When citing your sources please use footnotes or endnotes and Chicago style

i am also leaning towards a national hero but he should not be judged based on mordern day standards but this essay should also adress his shortcomings aswell as his successes

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