Discuss Mental Illness and Police Intervention in Canada

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Resources Needed
For this assignment, you will utilize all of the course resources and any relevant external resources. A minimum of three external resources must be used.
Assignment 1. Identify a current and relevant use of force/civil unrest issue facing police organizations in Canada.
2. Critically analyze the issue from a theoretical perspective, and provide recommendations that can be implemented to mitigate, or manage the issue.
3. Submit your response to the Drop Box on or before the due date.
1. Double spaced – Times New Roman, font size (12).
2. Appropriate references for all research material must be provided.
3. All established Laurier University policies and practices regarding originality, plagiarism, submission of assignments, etc., must be followed.
4. Please use spelling/grammar check and have your paper proof-read before submitting it.
Content should be 2,500 – 3,000 words in length.
Assignment format needs to follow APA citation. Please refer to the posted document in the course homepage regarding APA methods for further information or consult with the Professor. Submissions MUST be in Word format (i.e., .doc or .docx) or they will not be graded.
** for this assignment can you please use the topic/ issue of mental illness and police use of force/ civil unrest. **

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