Vietnamese Revolutionaries

Question to answer: Why did Vietnamese revolutionaries such as Ho Chi Minh adopt communism to guide the movement for independence? Were there viable alternative leaders with a different vision? If so, why were they unable to defeat the communists for control of the revolution?


I need the following essay written in ORIGINAL FORM. NO PLAGIARISM, CANNOT USE Artificial Intelligence writings…. NO CHATGPT or anything like it. I need the following essay written in ORIGINAL FORM. NO PLAGIARISM, CANNOT USE Artificial Intelligence writings…. NO CHATGPT or anything like it.

1. A minimum of 6 secondary sources: peer-reviewed books or journal articles, half of which must be books. Reference guides, textbooks, book reviews, unpublished student papers, encyclopedias, Wikipedia, youtube videos, films, blogs, editorials, and the instructor’s lectures should not be cited. You may cite any of the assigned readings, but they will not count toward the minimums.

2. A minimum of 3 primary sources, e.g. memoirs, autobiographies, participant accounts, eyewitnesses, testimonies, interviews, newspaper articles, document collections, or Internet databases such as the Texas Tech Virtual Vietnam Archive.

3. Do NOT open your essay with a “global statement” (see Pocket Guide to History, section 4e-1). Be sure to state your thesis early in the paper.

4. Begin paragraphs with topical sentences. Indent each paragraph but do not put an extra line space between them. Keep paragraphs to a reasonable length (no more than two-thirds of a page).

5. Use the third person and don’t be pedantic. Apply the well-known writing formula: “show, don’t tell.”

6. Document the essay with footnotes following the style format described in A Pocket Guide to Writing in History. Note that is preferable to use the shortened form when repeating a citation, as “ibid.” is now considered outdated. See section 7d for an example of how to use the shortened form. The major essay must include a bibliography that lists all the sources that appear in the notes. Use the bibliographical format explained in the Pocket Guide. The short essays do not require a bibliography.

7. Keep quotations to a minimum. Learn to paraphrase. When you do quote, indicate in the main text who is speaking and document the quotation in a footnote. Do NOT use the author-date system. Note numbers should be in Arabic numeral format (1, 2, 3, etc.) and not Roman numeral format (i, ii, iii, etc.). Note numbers should be placed at the end of the sentence after the period. Use no more than one note number per sentence.

8. Be precise with your language and avoid exaggeration. Proofread your essay carefully for grammatical errors. Sloppy work will be penalized. You are strongly advised to run your essay through Grammarly, a free online writing assistant that will catch many of your more obvious errors.

AGAIN…. NO AI, CHATGPT or papers that plagiarize other writers.

Thank you

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