The Reality of Providing Nursing Services in a Healthcare Rationing System

This assignment will help you explore how nursing leaders provide services while at the same time rationing services.

One of the areas that must be considered in the field of fiscal and resource management is the issue of rationing services to patients.

Using the South University Online Library, research the reality of providing nursing services in a healthcare rationing system. Based on your research and understanding, create a 5- to 6-page paper that answers the following:

-How would you as a nursing leader balance the clinical needs of the patients with the fiscal sustainability of the healthcare facility?
-What are the ethical issues faced by nursing leaders in a healthcare rationing environment?
-What are the internal and external forces impacting your decision making in this environment?
-How can evidence-based care help you make fiscal decisions in this environment?
-How can evidence-based leadership be used in decision making?

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