Strategic Analysis of Apple

MGMT 4175: Research Paper
Due: March 14, 2023
Please upload your exam to Blackboard and name the file using the following protocol (lastname_firstname_section#_name of the company). Please submit it as a Word doc (no pdfs).
The research paper is 30% of your final grade for this course. Please refer to the syllabus for a guide as to how the exam will be graded. This is a research paper, so be sure to include in-text citations and a reference page with your sources of information. The library has developed a list of resources that you may find useful in your research efforts. Here is the website:
Question 1: Strategic Analysis (70 points)
Choose your favorite company or a company that you are interested in working for in the future. You cannot analyze the following companies: Adidas, Amazon, Chick-Fil-A, Netflix, or Nike.
(5 points) Explain the company briefly: In what business/industry does the company compete? What products/services does it provide? How is the company currently performing?
Now analyze the company based on the concepts discussed in class in the format I used during our case discussions, correctly applying SWs or OTs where required. Use evidence to support your arguments.
(15 points) Analyze the company’s general environment and (15 points) its competitive environment. You must include a more in-depth discussion of the company’s competitive rivalry.
(25) Evaluate the company’s internal environment, using all parts of the value chain analysis or the resource-based view.
(10) Based on your evaluation, does the company have a sustainable competitive advantage? Explain using VRIN.
Question 2: Strategy Formulation (30 points)
(15 points) Which of Porter’s generic strategies does the company pursue, or is it “stuck in the middle”? Explain using evidence. Do you agree with this strategy? Why or why not? Included here must be a discussion of the potential pitfalls with the company’s chosen generic strategy.
(15 points) Has the company made attempts at creating value through diversification? If it has, were the attempts successful? Why or why not? If it has not, suggest some possible diversification efforts and how to mitigate the threat of failure that often accompanies such efforts. Use the key concepts from the chapter in your response.

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