Project proposal transitional report

Please see attachment of my portion of this project proposal.

General outline for your assignment, more information, below.
A. Background for providing project perspective only:
Part 1. Company background (this will have overlap with others from your group of course)
Part 2. Project definition and approach (this will have overlap with others from your group of course)
Part 3. Personal objectives and approach
parts 1,2 and 3 together should not exceed about 1000 words
B. Progress the most significant and unique element of this assignment! :
Part 4. Your progress on your own objectives – we are looking for quality, not just cut/paste of everything you’ve found. Distill it down so you can describe the impact, below. Include references which you will use.
Part 5. The impact of your contribution and research towards the company objective.
Part 6. Most critical items needed from you for the final paper & most critical team items needed from your perspective
parts 4, 5 and 6 together should not exceed 3000 words
Total: no more than 4000 words (see below)

Research and draft original content to contribute to the Group Study Report, likely according to their particular role in the “Detailed Project Outline.”
Each team member’s Individual Contribution will include a high quality, relevant, substantive contribution of at least 3000 words but not more than 4000, as well as supporting data and graphics. Provide a brief introduction and organize it in subsections to make a good and easy read, as directed abov
• The content of each Individual Contribution must clearly demonstrate that the student has a good understanding of the client’s business and technology. This is shown by describing how YOUR contribution fits into the need of the company. Do not simply reiterate what the company described to the group.
• Do NOT make this a memoir of what the group decided and did, or your trials and tribulations. This is not a diary, it should be a well written document with research and information to help the company. It should be close to what you expect to include in the final report.
• The individual assignment should describe explicitly what you have done (not what your other team members have done) and what remains to be completed by you in the last weeks of the class.
• Other than the background section described above, we cannot give credit if multiple people submit the same work, so please make clear who has contributed what in any material submitted. Whenever certain overlap is unavoidable, just point that out clearly.
• As described above, we are not looking for extensive background information, extensive discussion or conclusions at this stage, but we are interested in the work YOU have done, what data you have collected (and also what you have tried to collect but have not been able to), the methodologies used and how it all relates to some very clear project objectives and the end product.
Each student will submit their Individual Contribution toTurnItIn, review the similarity index, and make any necessary revisions by the due date.
Each student must post their Individual Contribution to the Collaborative Documents/Conference area of the Study Group
Final note

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