Barriers to reaping the benefits of digital technologies in the food sector from a technological and market perspective.

Hello! My english level is C1, please don’t use so complicated word or grammar structure that I cannot understand or doesn’t match with my English level. I dont want admission officers to recognise that wasn’t me writing it. I will change the essay a bit on my own after I receive it but I want to understand the essay by myself also 🙂

GUIDELINES From University
o Language: English
o Style: Essay/paper, please base your work on an appropriate number of sources (My note *I leave this decision for you*)
o Quoting style: your choice, please use one quoting style consistently (My note *I leave this decision for you*)
o Font: Times New Roman
o Font Size: 12
o Word count: min. 1500 and max. 2000 words
o Margins: 2 cm
o Line spacing: 1.5

IMPORTANT: We expect a high standard of scientific work from our applicants. Therefore, applicants who
do not meet these standards, as in cases of plagiarism or the use of AI (e.g. ChatGPT)
evidenced in the essay, will be excluded from the process.

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