portfolios of stocks

1. Analyze America’s macroeconomic environment from 2022. Feb. to 2023.Feb. (The 3rd attachment and 4th attachment includes some aspects of Macroeconomic analysis and outlook forecasting, you can also use Federal Government Policy, Global inflation and changes in interest rates, policy uncertainty, geopolitical instability, etc,.)

2. Choose 3-4 industries below (Health Care, Consumer Staples, Industrial, Finance, Techology, Consumer Discretionary, material, energy), and each sector needs 2-3 stocks which are listed on NASDAQ (total 10-15 stocks).

3. Based on industry analysis, there are several ways to choose companies:
Fundamental:Dividend Discount Model, Multi-stage Growth Model, Free Cash Flow Valuation Approaches.
Valuation by Multiples (Comparables): P/E ratio:
reflects the market’s optimism concerning a firm’s growth prospects. Analysts must decide whether they are more or less optimistic than the belief implied by the market multiple: If they are more optimistic, they will recommend buying the stock.
PEG ratio: the P/E ratio divided by the growth rate of earnings. We would expect more rapidly growing firms to sell at higher PE (multiples of current earnings).
Price/Book, Price/Sales
Profitability: ROE, ROA, Operating profit margin, Net profit marginTechnical analysis.

Using Treynor-Black model (Rr = 4%, E(Rm) = 6%)
Outperform benchmark, and this assessment based on return&risk (please using Jensen’s Alpha, Sharp ratio, to prove it.)
No short-selling (weight% can’t be negative)
The portfolio must be reasonable, and needs explaination to prove why you choose these stocks

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