Pico(T) ? Are older patients more likely to get pressure injuries in the hospital compared to a younger patient

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Quality Improvement Evidence – Based Practice Paper
The purpose of this practice project is for the student to: Apply the nursing process to Quality
Improvement by selecting a clinical problem and discussing outcomes and improvement
strategies; Demonstrate awareness of quality and safety projects focused on reducing harm at
the micro- and meso system levels and; to develop a PICO(T) question to guide the research.
Student Learning Outcomes
 SLO 2d: Evaluate the impact of economic, social, and demographic factors on the
delivery of health care.
 SLO 3a: Participate in quality improvement processes.
 SLO 3b: Identify gaps between local and best practice recommendations.
 SLO 3c: Implement patient safety initiatives and monitor performance measures,
including nursing-sensitive indicators in the delivery of care.
 SLO 3d: Implement National Patient Safety Goal initiatives in patient care settings.
 SLO 6a: Demonstrate ways to provide support, empowerment, and hope when caring
for diverse patients.
 SLO 6b: Deliver compassionate, culturally competent care that respects patient and
family preferences.
Due Date
This assignment is due by Saturday 11:59 PM CST of Week 7. The late assignment policy applies.
1. Identify a prevalent patient care related problem or a situation in your clinical
experience where you identified a problem in which you feel change is indicated.
2. Discuss the problem with your instructor and obtain approval to proceed with your
3. Select the key PICOT terms for searching the evidence. Clearly define your PICOT
question. List each element P (population, or problem), I (intervention), C (Comparison
with other treatment/current practice), and O (Desired outcome), T (Deferred). Can the
hypothesis be proven or disproven through evidence research?
4. Perform a literature search to provide evidence – based practice data to support the
5. Create your research paper using Microsoft Word. The length of the paper should be
between six and 10 pages and include a title and reference page. A minimum of eight
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peer reviewed, scholarly publication is required. The articles must be published within
the past five years.
6. APA (6th or 7th edition) format is required.
7. This research paper is worth 100 points.
The sections included are covered in specific detail within the rubric. Please review the rubric
A. Introduction
1. Identify and describe the main issues of the quality improvement research
2. A description of the problem, the population affected, and the impact on
healthcare is explained.
3. The introduction clearly states the purpose of the research and includes a
4. The introduction is engaging and thought-provoking.
B. Problem and PICO(T) Question
1. The practice problem is described clearly.
2. A clear PICO(T) question is presented.
3. The practice problem is described from the student nurse perspective.
4. The impact on the population, nursing, and healthcare is discussed.
C. Evidence – Based Findings and Objectives
1. Two to three objectives are stated.
2. Evidence – based solutions are compared.
D. Literature Synthesis
1. Use eight to 10 scholarly articles.(2017 or newer)
2. Provide a synthesis of the three most relevant research articles.
E. Outcomes
1. Provide a detailed summary of the research results.
2. Cite literature to support statistical data.
F. Conclusion
1. Provide a summary of what was discussed and the conclusion with
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