Modules 8-10

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Essay with some of my notes as well as a skim of 2 web pages for information.
Submit an essay through the assignment drop box answering ALL the following questions:
1)How does TeamSTEPPS and CUSP assist with quality of patient care and safety?
2)What note-taking strategy most spoke to you and why?
3)What type of lecturer spoke to your learning style? How would you adapt to the others?

Personal NOTES:
Note-taking strategy:
The note-taking strategy I liked the most was Outlines but I like to add bullets to make the notes easier for me to organize.
Lecturer and Learning style:
The type of teacher/lecturer style I liked most was “Teacher as a demonstrator” as it would include visuals along with note-taking. It would be the easiest for me to follow.
Teacher as Authority would require me to bring a tape recorder so I would listen later to make sure I don’t miss anything along with notes to use in regards to graphs/maps/or any other visual material that might be available.
Teacher as Delegator would be a hard class for me to take as it would require close contact with many other students and I have anxiety. To work in a group like that would cause me a lot of stress and I would avoid those classes.
Teacher as Facilitator would be a good class for me to take as well because I like independent learning.
Teacher as a conductor would be ok for me as it looks like it might be enough alone time on a project but a little socialization that might not be to bad.

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