Jazz Performance Review

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Choose a jazz performance to review. It may be a free concert, a performance at a performing arts venue, a jazz club, a restaurant, etc. It must be a jazz performance that occurs during the semester, not prior. Write a journalistic review, drawing connections to the concepts, terminology, and people studied in this course. Start by describing the venue—the concert hall or club, the audience, the atmosphere, etc. Then discuss the music using descriptive musical terms and concepts from this course. The core of the paper will be about the music itself. Compare the sounds heard to music we have studied. You may also include your personal reactions and opinions.

Gather the names of the musicians and their instruments, some songs performed, soloists that were featured, highlights of the show, styles performed, etc. Feature one or two musicians and discuss their contributions. You may be critical of the musicians, as well. You may even interview one or more musicians, asking them about their style and their main influences, or anything else that would be interesting to the reader. End your paper by summarizing what you learned by going to the concert.

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