Ethics Case Conceptualization

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1. Develop a brief case study illustrating an ethical dilemma that is common or particularly challenging. Provide enough detail to give the reader an understanding of the nature of the ethical issues, without overwhelming with details. (600-700 words)

2. Next, create a decision table using the nine steps from Remley and Herlihy’s ethical decision-making model (2020). A sample layout for the decision table is attached.
In the “Thought Bubble” column, note your candid, visceral reactions for each consideration of your case. Research shows that awareness of our own internal reactions by “thinking aloud” (Levitt et al., 2015) can aid in making better decisions and prevent taking shortcuts (Sheperis et al., 2016). This is an informal section with words, phrases, exclamations
In the “Application to Case” column, discuss how you would use the consideration in column 1. State these concretely rather than philosophizing about the issue or asking unending, unanswerable questions. The goal is to arrive at a decision that supports the client or student and will hold up ethically and legally.
You can find explanations for each step of the model beneath the table.
3. Write a summary paragraph of your experience with this process. What did you learn? What are the knowledge and skills gaps in your training? How will you fill those gaps? Be specific.

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