Comparative Literature Analysis

CYC 4300 – Children and youth in/from regions of conflict, post-conflict
Comparative Literature Analysis (20%)

Individual Assignment

Due: Monday March 7, 2022 (by 11:59 p.m.)
Length: 10-12 pages double-spaced (2500- 3000 words)

Purpose: This assignment is a reflective analysis of the Beah and Yousafzai texts. While they are different in terms of types of conflict, time, and geographic context, they also share common themes that we need to consider in our work as CYCPs.

Students will review the Beah and Yousafzai texts and write a report that addressing the following:
Specify 5 significant insights that you have gained from each book.
It is advisable to organize the report into 5 themes so that it makes your writing and analysis process easier. (Ex: Gender roles and expectations. Compare Malala’s experiences with Ishmael’s)
Describe how each insight/theme has influenced your perception or understanding about the impact of childhood trauma in conflict regions.
Remember to identify the specific narrative that offered you these insights (provide direct quotes and page numbers).
To ensure that your paper reads like a comparison, use clear language to denote similarities and differences. This Word Bank provides some useful phrases to include in your paper.
Describe how these books will influence your child and youth care practice i.e. identify five different approaches that you will now take in your work with children and youth.

As you’re planning your paper, it could help to organize your ideas like below:
Theme: Gender roles and expectations
Topic sentence: Both books raise the theme of gender roles and expectations
Malala (Paragraphs 1-2)
expected to not attend school
expected to not advocate for herself
expected to perform hypermasculine roles that includes violence

Possible organization:
Introduction – 0.5 page
Insights/themes – 5 x 1.5 pages = 7.5 pages
Implications for your CYC work – 2.5 pages
Conclusion – 0.5 pages
References – last page

Students are expected to:
Provide full responses for each section of the assignment
Use APA 7th Edition formatting guidelines for both in-text citations and the References list at the end
Make specific reference to course content throughout the paper
Abide by the College’s Academic Integrity guidelines. This is an individual assignment. Cases of similarity between student papers will be forwarded to the Associate Dean for academic misconduct consideration.

Assignment Evaluation

Level 4
Level 3
Level 2 or Below
Points of comparison and supporting details

The paper clearly compares and contrasts points in a way that illustrates a deep understanding of the texts and the course content.

Information is included that is relevant to the comparison.

Connections to the CYC field

The paper shows clear connections to work in the CYC field.

Organization and structure

The paper breaks down the information that is clear, accessible, and easy to follow.

Writing conventions

There are no spelling or grammar errors that detract the reader’s comprehension.

APA 7th Edition formatting

There are no errors in the in-text citations or on the References list.


The 2 books are A long way gone memoirs of a boy soldier by ishmael beah and We are Displaced by Malala Yousafzai. I am exploring the themes of faith within these 2 books.

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