Accountants’ Influence on Corporate Governance

Provide your thoughts on the influence accountants have on corporate governance. Must answer all of these questions and include specific examples: What ethical issues are raised and how might they be addressed? How do accountants monitor and influence governance? How do they handle “insider information” about governance practices? What has been the role of legislation in handling some of the inherent conflict of interest issues?
Other material I want to be included in paper:
1) Explain what accounting is, the role accountants play to a firm, what their responsibilities are, etc. I want this to be at the beginning of the paper. Then go into how they influence corporate governance.
2) Talk about 1 or 2 of the accounting scandals from this website and explain how they relate to corporate governance/how these situations could’ve been avoided had they acted ethically:
3) Talk about the Sarbanes Oxley Act: what it is and the provisions that were made that tie into accountants and how they approach corporate governance

Make sure you provide fresh, new information throughout the paper and include examples. Last time, my professor docked points for the information being too vague and general.
Find information from the file I provided to include in the paper. That file must be one of my sources.

In-text citations are a must!
Times New Roman
12 pt font

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