Children’s Literature

Assessment item 1 is a Blog task.

This assessment item asks you to respond to the texts set for the first part of the session and encourages you to interact with your peers.

You are to make five (5) blog posts.

Your posts should be about 300 words each. Thus, your posts should add up to about 1,500 words and your responses.

Posts can be written in an informal manner and you can write in the first person (I would do so). Your responses must be respectful.

Please post answer about the following.

1. How do you think Olivia’s addition of text to Leaf (you can find this in the learning module in our Interact site) can tell us something about the way a child might interpret visual images?

2. How do you think that Lewis Carroll’s use of nonsense words in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland would make a difference to a child’ enjoyment of the story?

3. Do you think children would respond to Alice’s final rebellion against authority in Wonderland?

4. Do you think that fairy tales such as ‘Hansel and Gretel’ can reveal, on closer inspection, a sort of ‘shadow side’?

5. Can you think of other fairy tales that might also have a darker side? If this is the case, how might this be useful, or not, to child readers?

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