2300: POST 3, 5, 7

I need 3 Discussion posts. each post post should be at least 500 words, formatted and cited in current APA style with support from at least 2 academic sources.

Module 3 Discussion: Judaism Discussion
Discuss the following:
In your reading of Chapter 10 – Encountering Judaism: The Way of God’s People as well as the other readings for the week, you have gained a better understanding of central themes of Judaism. As you learned more about the religion, you may have noticed the many similarities that Judaism shares with Christianity as the relationship between the two religions rather unique. Christianity is rooted in Judaism historically, scripturally, liturgically, and even theologically. No two major world religions have so much in common. Below are a handful of the common elements shared by these two religions, however it is important to note that even though these religions share several common elements, they articulate them differently. Last week, we expounded upon how some of these themes are understood in the context of Catholicism and now you will describe how they are understood in Judaism.

Select two themes from the list below and present the Jewish teaching on the chosen theme.

Jewish Understanding of God
Pain and Suffering
Freedom and Free Will
Each selected theme must:

Be explained in at least one paragraph
Incorporate at least 2 direct quotations with accompanying in-text citations from either the required weekly readings or a resource found on the “Judaism Resources” page linked below.

Your initial post should be at least 150 words. Incorporate 6 different sources, formatted and cited as the instructor indicated in the announcements.

Module 5 Discussion: Hindu Deity Discussion
It is said that there are over 330 million gods and goddesses within the Hindu religion and each god/goddess has his or her own story that reveals his or her own religious significance. For this discussion, you will be selecting 2 different Hindu gods/goddesses of your choosing that you would be interested in learning more about.

For each selected Hindu deity, you must provide the following:
Name and Title (Ex: Vishnu, God of Preservation)
Image of the deity
Brief explanation of why you chose that specific god/goddess.
Maybe that Hindu god/goddess reminds you of a Christian saint or biblical character who is the Catholic patron/patroness of a particular human endeavor, career field, or avocation that somehow pertains to you
Ex: Saint Cecilia Patroness of Musicians and Sarasvati Hindu Goddess of Music
Maybe you found the specific image of that god/goddess intriguing
Maybe there is a pop culture reference to the deity
Ex: TV series, movie, book, video game, etc.

Deity in Scripture
Summarize a story from the Hindu scriptures in which that the deity plays a major role.
This can be their origin story or another important story about the deity.
Deity in Scripture
How is this specific deity related to at least 2 other Hindu deities?
Ex: Is the selected deity a mother/father to another deity or possibly a husband/wife of another deity?
Imagery & Symbolism
Explain the traditional symbolism associated with the selected deity
Ex: Color of their skin, why they are depicted with specific animals, pose or stance in which they are depicted, any object they may be holding or that are depicted around them

Websites for assistance in selecting specific Hindu gods/goddesses:


Your initial post should be at least 150 words. Incorporating resources is not required, however, you must cite them correctly if referencing. The instructor will provide proper citation instructions in the announcements.

Module 7 Discussion: Selecting Theme for Written Report & Accumulation of Sources

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