Literary Analysis (Poetry)- “Mexican American Disambiguation” by Jose Olivarez

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Write a literary analysis essay on a work of poetry. Be sure to contextualize the text (convey who wrote it, what it is about, and its significance), produce an argument about the text (clear thesis), and include textual analyses throughout your essay that effectively support your thesis.

Essay Guidelines:

3.5 – 4 pages (not including the Works Cited page);
Requires direct quotations from 2 sources (One must be the selected text from the list below & one can be a secondary source);
Must clearly mention 2-3 elements of poetry (Speaker /point of view, structure, fixed verse, free verse, meaning, themes, allusion, symbol, imagery, simile, metaphor, senses, rhythm, alliteration, enjambment, etc) that effectively support the overall analysis (claim/argument);
Your work must be in MLA format and include in-text citations;
When structuring your essay, include an introduction that sets up your argument (main point/purpose: literary analysis of poetry), effectively organized body paragraphs with strong topic sentences, evidence, transitions, and a conclusion that synthesizes your paper.

Poem to be used for essay:
“Mexican American Disambiguation” by Jose Olivarez.

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