Personal reflection

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To allow students the opportunity to reflect on their experience as an LPN and to identify
opportunities for growth into the role of the RN.
Reflect on the following questions
• What have you learned from your LPN experience?
• Reflect upon the people you met or worked with. How have these relationships impacted
• What feedback did you receive from others (mentors, peers, preceptors) while you
worked as an LPN? How did you respond to the feedback?
• Describe your favorite and worse patient encounter, include what you learned from each
• What qualities do you have an LPN that can be further developed as you move to the RN
• Discuss how you will use what you have learned as an LPN to succeed in RN role
including the academic environment.
• Why did you decide to go on to become a RN?
• Discuss why the role of the RN is essential to the ongoing development of the nursing
profession and the ability to meet the community needs for quality health care?
• If you could go back to the beginning, would you choose another career beside nursing,
why or why not.
• Where or how do you envision yourself as an Associate degree prepared RN five years
from now?
• Submit at a 2-4 page double-spaced, typed paper, in APA format addressing the above

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