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OneEarth is an environmental consulting company that specializes in building-condition assessments, contaminated-site remediation, and energy audits. Founded in 2010, OneEarth has emerged as the highest-quality and most comprehensive environmental services company in the northern United States.

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You work as an environmental chemist in the Site Investigative Services Department at OneEarth. Your interdisciplinary team of scientists and business analysts assesses the long-term risk of contaminants on ecological and human health and designs innovative cleanup and disposal strategies for clients.

Recently, a government agency approached OneEarth to collaborate on developing a series of environmental impact statements (EIS) related to plastic waste, light pollution, and electronic waste that will inform decision makers’ discussions about the urgency of various environmental programs. Because of your strengths as a writer, researcher, and collaborator, your manager Claire DeAir has emailed asking you to work with one of the teams to draft sections of the EIS based on comprehensive rese

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