What are the different methods of birth control could you discuss with the patient?

A 23-year-old healthy female patient Alisha presents to the office requesting that she would like to be started on something for birth control. She has been using condoms and reports that there have been times when she had unprotected sexual intercourse. She is a non-smoker and no risk factors for not using oral contraceptives. She does report that she has multiple sex partners in the last few years. More recently she has one partner who tells her that he is monogamous.
As her provider you have decision to make in regards to methods of birth control.
1. What are the different methods of birth control could you discuss with the patient?
2. How is the decision made for which hormonal birth method is prescribed?
3. What education would you provide for each method?
4. If there is a dosage for the method state and document any contraindications, side effects, adverse reactions for each method.
5. Would the patient need any tests done before prescribing birth control, and if so, what?
Alisha decides that she is interested in an oral birth control pill.
6. How is the decision made about what type of birth control would be prescribed? (include the rationale for the choice)
7. What instruction will you give the patient when to start her oral contraceptive?
8. When would be an optimal time to take the oral contraceptive during the day?
9. What instructions would you give the patient if she forgets to take her oral contraceptive pill/s?
10. What follow up is indicated in the future for this patient?

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