Discuss best practice for insomnia assessment and treatment.

Address the following items:
In a Word document, respond (agree or disagree) to each of the following statements succinctly, but with detail.
• Children never have sleep issues unless they intake too much sugar in their diet.
• Sleep disorders come in only three main forms, one related to narcolepsy, one related to sleep apnea, and the other related to the inability to stay awake due to stress.
• The use of over-the-counter sleep aids should be encouraged over prescription sleep aids as they are safer and are not habit-forming in any way.
• Menopause has no impact on insomnia or sleep patterns.
• As a backup to over-the-counter sleep aids, benzodiazepines are the most useful and first-line treatment for sleep issues.
• Discuss best practice for insomnia assessment and treatment.
• Name one specific resource or guideline for treatment

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