Research Problem and Hypothesis: “Organizational Culture: The Link Between Employee Engagement and Retention

Research Problem and Hypothesis (Instructions)
Find a minimum of five (5) Scholarly-Peer Reviewed articles central to “Organizational Culture: The Link Between Employee Engagement and Retention”.

PART A: Write an annotated bibliography for these articles. Be sure to include an APA formatted reference citation for each article.

PART B: Based upon your findings on “Organizational Culture: The Link Between Employee Engagement and Retention”, write section 1 of a research proposal (see below) to include the research problem and hypothesis (and applicable guiding research questions).

Section 1 of the Research Proposal: Organizing and Writing a Research Proposal

Proposals follow a simple, logical train of thought. Although there are conceivably many ways to arrange the various topics within a proposal, most proposals use similar formats, especially in quantitative studies. The following is an example of a format you might use in a proposal for a
quantitative research study:

I. The problem and its setting
A. Statement of the problem
B. Subproblems and hypotheses
C. Definitions of terms
D. Assumptions
E. Delimitations and limitations
F. Importance of the study

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