Discuss how you can apply what you learned to your classroom or occupation. Note:

ISTE Standard 1 for the Educator emphasizes professional development growth. Identifying key
areas of importance for our personal growth enables us to determine a point of emphasis in our
course of study. The assignment intends to help you self-assess your current understanding of
technology in the classroom and reflect on specific areas in which you might like to emphasize
your coursework this term.
To begin, consider your use of educational technology. What are your strengths, and in what
areas would you like to grow? If you are unsure, find one of the free self-assessment tests online
and allow it to help you pinpoint potential areas for growth.
Once you have identified some areas you would like to improve, find three articles from the
Edutopia website to help you begin to address these areas of growth; see the link provided with
this assignment. Click on the Topics tab at the top to find several categories of helpful resources
you may wish to investigate.
In a Word document, for each of the three articles you select, address the following:
1. Provide a reference entry for the article in current APA format.
2. In paragraphs of 100-200 words each,
a. Provide a brief explanation of why you chose the article. What specific area does
the article address your professional development goals?
b. Identify one specific concept you learned from the article.
c. Discuss how you can apply what you learned to your classroom or occupation.
Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

Please use the following website for references:

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