Describe how “purpose beyond the paycheck” affects employee engagement and organizational commitment and loyalty.

Review the prompt below and write a 150-word initial response. Then, contribute two 80-word or more responses to two students. Use direct quotes from the readings and use APA 7th edition manual for your in-text citations and references.

As it relates to engagement in the workforce, our values and sense of purpose often lead to our career choices and how engaged we become within our work. Address the following prompts as the basis of your discussion post this week:

· Describe how “purpose beyond the paycheck” affects employee engagement and organizational commitment and loyalty.

· Explain the role of a leader in encouraging conversations linking work, meaning, and purpose for employees.

· Why is purpose seldom explored in the workplace?

· Describe how the clarity of purpose can lead to increased engagement and well-being for the employee.

1. Deanna Tom – Thursday, December 1, 2022, 4:18 PM
When employees find purpose in their work, beyond just a paycheck, it increases employee engagement, organizational commitment, and loyalty. With purpose, they are able to find their work meaningful and connect it to the organization’s higher purpose. Work is no longer transactional, employees become energized, inspired, and creative. They find clarity, which leads to a positive impact on performance.

The role of a leader is to help employees connect and align their purpose with the organization’s overarching purpose. Executives work with leaders and managers, and through applied training, they can now convey their sense of personal identity and professional purpose, in an authentic manner.

Purpose is seldom explored at work due to the common misconception that employees only respond to extrinsic rewards such as a bonus, or they will only perform at the bare minimum.
2. Amit Latchman – Tuesday, December 6, 2022, 11:02 AM
I think it’s fair to say that most people want to love and enjoy what they do. If they can also find a purpose and have pride in their careers, it’s an added bonus. Having a purpose in your career pushes employees to always be their best. It brings them into the office with the thought of accomplishing something great and supporting the companies mission. If your company allows you to pursue this purpose, it adds to the overall organizational culture and keeps employees loyal to the organization.

Ideally, the employees purpose and the goals of the company align perfectly. It is the job of a supervisor to make that connection and keep employees engaged. Sometimes employees lose their way or become disengaged. When that happens, supervisors can remind employees of the reasons why they are there. Remind them that they play a part in the overall success of the company and without them, the circle would not be completed.

Unfortunately, I have noticed a lot of employees working just for the paycheck. That happens in certain careers where employees don’t see an end goal or they lack passion in their career. Most would say that they would take a monetary raise or additional benefits over having purpose in their careers. That being said, the employees don’t see the need for purpose and supervisors don’t push the issue. Having clarity of purpose in your job and understanding what you bring to the table changes the outlook for the employee. The employees see the overall mission for the company and in return, it keeps them engaged and working toward the goal.
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