Critically analyse the key features of the chosen intervention’s model, design and delivery.

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Mahato, P.K., Waithaka, E., van Teijlingen, E., Pant, P.R. & Biswas, A. (2018) Social autopsy: a potential health-promotion tool for preventing maternal mortality in low-income countries. WHO South-East Asia Journal of Public Health | April 2018 | 7(1) (online). Available at: uence=1&isAllowed=y

-Identify the health promotion model that has been used
in this above study and critically identify and discuss strengths and weaknesses of the specific model used, the appropriateness of the intervention and evaluation.

The essay must have:

1. Introduction
Provide a brief descriiption of the intervention case study above. It should include basic contextual information (which country, target group, aims etc).

2. Discussion
Critically analyse the key features of the chosen intervention’s model, design and delivery. This critique should be made with reference to the relevant literature and could include some of the following (depending on available information): health promotion model used, partnerships involved, user/participant involvement, content of intervention, length of intervention, setting for delivery, personnel involved, funding.

3. Evaluation
Critically discuss the appropriateness of the evaluation methodology used for the specific intervention and if evaluation reflects on the objectives of the health promotion intervention. Make evidence-based recommendations for improvement of the evaluation methodology used if needed.

Effective summary of key points.

Assignment should be word processed , using time new roman size 12 font, double spaced, with numbered pages as a footer on every page.

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