What social problem or problems do body-worn cameras have the potential to solve?

This is the final project for this class, which will allow you to demonstrate your knowledge of- and skills with research methods you have learned throughout the course. For this project, imagine you work for a police department that is considering adopting body-worn cameras. You have been asked to evaluate the scholarly literature on body-worn cameras to help the administration decide whether adopt them in your agency.

Read Lesson 5: Lecture 3: Evaluation Research and Policy Analysis. (It’s ok to skip ahead and read this lecture early on in the course).
Read the 3 assigned articles by Groff (2020), Huff et al. (2022), and Hughes et al. (2020). Refer to lesson 2, lecture 3 if needed for tips on reading scholarly articles.
Identify a problem statement based on these articles (Think: what social problem or problems do body-worn cameras have the potential to solve?).
Identify and read AT LEAST ONE OTHER STUDY with a similar dependent variable or variables to the assigned articles. Refer back to lesson 1, lecture 3 if needed for tips on searching for scholarly articles.
Write an evaluation of the literature with policy recommendations based on the FOUR articles. It should have the following subheadings and contain the information specified:
Problem statement: What social problem or problems do body-worn cameras have the potential to solve?
Strength of the research literature: Rank order the four articles by how strong their research designs were and provide a short summary of the methodology of each.
Findings of the research literature: Synthesize and summarize the findings of the four articles to explain to your hypothetical supervisors what is generally known about body-worn cameras.
Limitations and directions for future research: Make note of any major limitations in the four articles reviewed and summarize what you would still like to know about the effects of body-worn cameras.

6. Policy recommendation: Based on the findings of the research and the strength of their methodologies, make your recommendation to your hypothetical supervisor about whether to adopt body-worn cameras. Note that while this is your opinion, it should be supported by the research evidence.

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