Assess how your awareness of work has changed your knowledge of managerial practices.

A Portfolio is a collection of tasks which assemble to demonstrate your workingknowledge of career management and your research and employability skills inpreparation for placement between Level 5 and Level 6, if that is your chosen route.
The portfolio aims to promote your ability to achieve a placement between level 5 andlevel 6 and a graduate role on graduation which will serve as a foundation for yourfuture career.
The portfolio is divided along relevant tasks and you may begin these in any order.
The portfolio uses report format. A title page with module and coursework name andword count is required.
A contents page sets out the organisation of the portfolio.
An introduction tells the reader how you intend proceed, what you want to gain from your degree and why, how this relates to the employability aspects of the module
1. Evaluate your current skills and skills gap, setting appropriate short, interim and longterm goals for their achievement1. Research a role in relation to the current labour market analysis for those whohave graduated with your degree
2. Assess how your awareness of work has changed your knowledge of managerial practices.

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