Insanity Defense and Ecological Approaches.

1. Incorporating the assumptions of one of the below learning theories (also feel free to research the online library, Internet etc. for information on these two theories), make an argument either for or against the insanity defense, that is, should it be allowed and or abolished…and specifically why?

Learning Theories:
– Social Learning Theory
– Sutherlands Differential Association Theory
2. Do you believe that ecological approaches have a valid place in contemporary criminological thinking? Specifically…why or why not?

Note: This Discussion is directly connected to the following Course Learning Objective:

LO1. Analyze the main assumptions of prominent theories within criminology (e.g., Strain Theory, Classical Criminology, Learning Theory, Labeling Theory, Rational Choice Theory, and others) to current topics within the criminal justice arena
Module Objectives:

MO1: Critique the insanity defense.

MO2: Evaluate potential religious, gender, sexual orientation, or racial biases with the insanity defense.

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