How does education reflect the culture in the two societies?

Term Paper Requirements: The essay paper MUST be a minimum of 3 typed pages the Work Cited page should be the 4th page. In addition, the term paper must address the following questions: Please use at least 4 references that are hypertexted for you in additions to the videos. You should ONLY use the references that I provided, on Moodle no other outside refs. The YouTubes count as one reference. You do not need additional references, please use those that are hyper-texted for you. 1) What are the major differences in education between the United States and Japan (these are related to cultural differences (at the elementary and high school levels)? How does education reflect the culture in the two societies? In answering this question make sure you refer to the YouTube series on Japan and the 4 hyper-texted articles. For example, education reflects individualism in the United States (tracking of students to not keep others behind, responsibility for choosing courses, lack of close relationship between schools and home, stress on individualism and competition). In contrast Japan is a very group oriented society (faster students in elementary school help slower students, hard work and struggle emphasized, all students wear uniforms, all eat the same food and help to serve one another, etc.). 2) How does the United States compare with Japan in mathematics and science proficiency PISA scores? In answering this question interpret the results of recent studies at the “International comparison of mathematics and science proficiency.” 3) What do you perceive as the advantages and disadvantages of education in the two countries? Please see the article below on moral education in Japan 4) How would you evaluate your own formal education? What system of education would you prefer? Why?

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