What, where, and when did you view this art? (

Critical Thinking Assignment: “Are You Talking to Me?”

Worth 20 % of your final grade, students must attend or view, during the eight weeks of our class time, one of the following to write about: a sculpture or painting (you may use two of either for this assignment if desired), a live play, or a film (in a movie theater). You must view this artwork during the weeks of our class. After contemplating, reflecting, and reviewing the selected artwork(s), the student will write an essay using MLA style that reacts to the following questions:

1. What, where, and when did you view this art? (Students must view their selection somewhere in the time element of this course.) What is this work? (Define what the work is such as an oil painting or a full-length narrative film.) What is the content of this work? (Give a brief synopsis only.)

2. Who is the author? (Research this artist and discuss her/his background or context. Make sure to document your use of sources using MLA style.) What historical or societal conditions and situations are influencing or motivating the artist? Are these evident in this particular work? If so, how and where, and if not, why not?

3. What is the author trying to communicate in this work? Decide what this artist is trying to “say” to us, or the purpose of the work; then, discuss how this author uses the elements and other components to make a point. Also, discuss if you have uncovered any research that supports or disagrees with what you feel the author is trying to communicate.

4. Does this work have merit? Did this author accomplish his/her intent? Does this work make you think differently? Is it worthy of your recommendation? Does it offer entertainment and messages that are relevant to this and future generations? What does this work communicate to you directly? Did you have any assumptions about this work and the author before contemplation and research? Relating to our core value, personal development, how did reflection and research on this work alter your thinking and how you perceive this artwork, and perhaps, the world?

Notes: use the MLA style to write this essay. It should contain an introduction and conclusion and employ proper grammar, punctuation, and syntax. Students will be graded using the attached rubric.

If a student cannot view an artwork away from home or station, this must be discussed with the instructor of record. The instructor will decide an alternative suitable subject for this essay.

Also, you will submit this assignment to the Assignment folder.

There is a Rubric associated with this assignment. It can be found under the Progress drop-down menu in Rubrics.

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