Write a Poet Laureate Research Paper

Poet Laureate Research Paper

1. Google “United States Poets Laureate: A Guide to Online Resources.”
2. Choose one poet who has been elected as Poet Laureate in the United States.
3. Write a research paper following all of the guidelines below.
4. Cite all sources carefully throughout.

Include the following headings in your final paper:
Position of Poet Laureate
Biography of Poet
Literary Criticism of Poetry
Recognition of Poet

A. Research the term “poet laureate” and provide background and definition. Most of the definition and history should pertain to the United States.
B. Research your chosen poet. Give a brief biography, including time period, important historical and social events of poet’s lifetime, significant literary works, type of poetry written, and major awards won.
C. Read what literary critics have to say about the poet’s work as a whole. How does this assessment relate to the title of “poet laureate”?
D. Consider the selection and criteria process, state why the poet was chosen as a poet laureate, and list specific reasons.
E. You must include academic research. You must have five in-text citations in your paper and a separate Works Cited page that lists those five sources properly according to Modern Language Association (MLA 8).
F. Proofread carefully for correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

This final paper should be four double-spaced typed pages (1000 words). The fifth page of your paper will be your Works Cited page. No late papers will be accepted without a valid excuse.

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