Strategic thinking plan

One of the CLO’s for this course requires that you “Apply customer-focused strategic planning and balanced strategic planning to a marketing plan”. This will be accomplished by building a consolidated project through weekly assignments. Use the readings in the Module 3 Resources, the Hodges Library, and the Internet to respond to the following……Continue with the company you selected in Week 1 and for this week research the following: 1) Use the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, & Threats (SWOT) you found in the analysis to conduct a good implementation plan. Use the strengths and opportunities to show how you would create a competitive advantage. Then use the weaknesses and threats to show how you would correct them.

Submit your report in a three to four-page Word document, using APA style. The last paper will consolidate the strategic marketing plan into one document.

***use the SWOT analysis attached – Ford Motor Company

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