Memories of emotional expressions in horses.

Who is the investigator? Include personal history, particularly as related to the purpose, participants, or site of the study.

What is the purpose of the study?

Where does the study take place, and who are the participants? Fully describe who was being studied.

In what sequence did the major elements of the study occur? Describe the timing, frequency order, and relationships used in organizing the study.

How was data collected? Was recording done through observation and field notes, taped interviews with transcriiption, document analysis with record forms, or some other combination?

What was the author’s role while collecting data?

What procedures were used for analysis of data? Was constant comparison used, were categories developed inductively, were themes constructed, was computer software employed?

What were the results?

How are design or research methods used to enhance the credibility (trustworthiness and believability) of the study?

What were the practical implications of the study?

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