What role does uncertainty play in OCD symptoms?

After reading the documents, answer the following five questions You must answer the question thoroughly and thoughtfully using your own language clearly indicating that you not only can recite what you read but that you understand it and can integrate your knowledge of it in your response. The lengthier the answer does not equate to a better answer. Showing you understand the material and have thought about it critically is key. A point or several points will be lost if your answer is too brief, not fully answered or doesn’t exemplify thoughtful understanding.

1.What role does uncertainty play in OCD symptoms?

2. What is a fear hierarchy and how is it used on OCD treatment?

3. What is ritualizing and how do OCD sufferers engage in ritualizing?

4. What did reading this excerpt teach you about what it might be like to suffer from OCD?

5. What questions or thoughts do you have about what you’re learning regarding OCD?

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