Global Business Perspectives

Global Business Project Fall 2022 is the first stage of the project please use this information to complete Stage II.

In this section you will weave the knowledge you attained throughout this semester to finalize Stage II of your market entry plan. This section refers to the final stage of the market entry plan. So far you have conducted a market analysis, and collected general, cultural, social, political, legal and economic information on your chosen target country market for your project. These consisted of the Stage I of your project. In Stage II you will conduct a specific situation analysis based on the product you choose, determine the target market, and how you are going to position your product in this country market, and develop the marketing strategy, which involves creating and maintaining an appropriate marketing program. Marketing entry strategies involve selecting and analyzing target markets and then creating and maintaining an appropriate marketing program. In this part of the market entry plan we will be focusing on conducting a situation analysis and based on it creating and maintaining the international marketing program. By creating and maintaining an appropriate marketing program (product, price, place, and distribution) the firm details how it will gain a competitive advantage over its rivals.
Guideline for this section is attached.

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